Proven System To Choose The Gender Of Your Baby

Alicia and her familyHere’s a picture of Alicia Pennington and her family. Her daughter, Marie is 6 years old and her son, Dylan is 2 years old.

She and her husband had specifically wanted a daughter first and then a boy. Today, she is able to live her dream due to effective natural methods of gender selection which she discovered and is now willing to share them with you on how YOU too can discover how to conceive a boy or how to conceive a girl like they did and enjoy a lifetime of completeness.

Alicia Pennington was a midwife for 12 years and during that time, she had the opportunity to speak to many pregnant women until after the birth of their child. Her career as a midwife was very fulfilling as she was able to lend support and share the joy of each couple after the birth of their baby boy or girl.

In her second year, however, she came across a mother who suffered severe post natal depression after delivery of her baby girl. After a few sessions of consultation with her, she finally confessed that she had high hopes of having a baby boy as she desperately needs to complete her family after having 2 daughters. Alicia did her best to console and gave her words of encouragement but even she could not change the fact that she felt incomplete without a son even though she loved her 3 daughters dearly.

It had affected Alicia emotionally, and that was the turning point of her career. She didn’t want this to happen to any mothers in the future and this motivated her to study further into the PROVEN science of baby gender selection.

Because of her really wanting to MAKE AN IMPACT on the lives of mothers WORLDWIDE, she started researching into baby gender selection methods, attended many courses on pre-conception conducted by reputable doctors and interviewing couples (who were mostly her patients) that had tried baby gender selection methods on how to conceive a boy or how to conceive a girl.

Coincidentally, she and her husband wanted to start a family also. She knew that this was the perfect opportunity for her to put her recent research on how to conceive a boy or how to conceive a girl into practice…

As she could not afford to pay the VERY EXPENSIVE medical fees for laboratory treatments and surgeries (not to mention the risk she was NOT willing to take as she came across studies which have suggested that kids conceived through these medical treatments have a higher risk of rare health problems), she concluded that her best option (risk free and safe) is to apply the natural preconception methods of gender selection.

After extensive research and time spent studying different natural gender selection methods, she handpicked the best methods which were proven to be most effective. She then summarized the best methods into a simple methodology and was so excited with her findings and could not wait to put it to the test.

She then put together:

Prince or Princess

You can read more on Alicia Pennington here and get instant access to her PROVEN system that has worked for over 8,000 hopeful to-be parents like yourself.

Yes, You Can Select The Gender Of Your Child!

Selecting the gender of children is a controversial topic, particularly in terms of genetic therapy and the ethics of picking the sex of your child. While there definitely have been advances in the genetics field, there are actually some NATURAL and completely ethical ways that will increase the likelihood of selecting the gender of your baby.

While no method is 100% accurate, if you are determined to have a boy or a girl, there are a few things that can be done to increase your chances significantly of conceiving the gender of that you choose. Remember, the most important thing is to have a healthy baby, regardless of their gender. But if you do want to try to pick the gender of your child, it is possible. Here’s what you need to know.

Differences in Sperm
The sperms that carry the Y chromosome are the “boy” sperms, while the sperms that carry the X chromosome are the “girl” sperms. The Y sperms are faster, smaller, more agile but they do not last as long as the “girl” sperm. The X sperms are bigger and move quite slowly. In addition to their overall speed, they have different preferences in terms of the acidity of the vagina and cervix. An X sperm does better in an acidic environment while the Y sperm prefer an alkaline environment.

How do These Differences Affect Conception
Now that we know the differences between the sperms that carry different chromosomes, it is very important to understand how these differences can be used for natural gender selection. Once you know this information, you can start trying to conceive a child that will be a specific gender.

If you want your baby to be a boy, the timing is crucial. Since these sperms do not live very long, it is vital to time your intercourse as closely as possible to the ovulation. This gives the Y sperms time to reach the egg before the X sperms do, increasing the chances that you will have a boy.

If you want to have a girl, you need to give the X sperm plenty of time to reach the egg. Since they live longer, this means that you want to time intercourse a few days before expected ovulation. By the time you ovulate, the Y sperm will have already died off, leaving only the X sperm behind. They will have the time needed to travel up through the cervix to reach the egg and fertilize it.


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